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Unicode Table (UTF-16)

Unicode字符對照表 (UTF-16)

U+0300 ~ U+036F

Notice: This tool uses green "a" to represent: 注意︰本對照表會使用一個綠色的「a」來代表︰ Notice2:
 If you see a "box", a "?", or a "ࡠ", that's mean the font does not support those "box-like" characters.
 如果你看到了一個 「框」、「?」或「ࡠ」的話,那即是代表你的電腦不支援那個字元。

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(Block names are from Wikipedia)
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You can copy down useful unicode characters here.
It is saved automatically using local storage and the next time you open this up, the text will still be there.
它會自動儲存到local storage,並於下次開啟的時候復原。
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