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Mega Millions Winners

On Mega Millions Logo Friday, Mar 30, 2012, the winning numbers of the $645 million Mega Millions had be out. According to the Lottery officials, the winning tickets were sold in Maryland, Kansas, and Illinois! Approximately 3 of them can get $218.6 million (minus $5 million tax, for the government). Whoo, I am proud of Illinois when I heard this news! The probability of  guessing the right numbers (combination) is quite low, though. (duh) Read more »

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Whole new blog!

Finally today, I have managed time to (kinda) finish up my new blog in my website, which is what you are reading right now. There are many new technology used, like HTML5′s History API, and WordPress 3.3.1. Feel free to take a round in my website and most important, leave me a message or comment about this new layout! I will be appreciated. :D
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Site under construction

It is still under construction. You may want to come back later in the future!

You might want to take a look at:

Update: This blog has opened! It is already not under construction.

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